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Executive Search Strategies, each customizable to suit our clients unique needs:

Contingency search : Our fee is contingent upon successfully placing the candidate. There is no cost to talk to the candidates. Our fee is paid only if you hire a candidate we introduce. This also allows you to use our candidates as a yardstick, or a barometer, to compare some of the candidates you might source on your own behalf.

SRS Retained search : A special partnership strategy we’ve developed that blends the advantages of both a retained and a contingency search. One-third of the estimated fee is due when we commence the search; the second third is due 30 days later; and the final third is contingent upon actually hiring the candidate. As a retained search, we immediately focus on your needs, putting your search ahead of all contingency searches. This assures your search receives the highest priority and quicker rate of success.

Engaged search : Your Company “engages” Strategic Resources with a nominal fee to identify and recruit a specific candidate or candidates. This engagement fee generally ranges from $3,500 to $9,500 dollars depending on the level and difficulty of the search. This mutual commitment helps us prioritize our contingency search assignments. Any fees received will be credited, in full, at the time of the hire. These clients may qualify for “Preferred Client” rate.

Other Services:

Strategic Resources provides an introductory role to assist our clients with Merger or Acquisition activities. Given the nature of our relationships with top executives, our conversations and level of contacts, Strategic Resources is in the position to provide an insider’s view of the marketplace and competition.

As our client companies and candidates grow in success and responsibilities, Strategic Resources assists in identifying seasoned professionals to provide leadership as members of corporate Board of Directors.

Strategic Resources staff of seasoned professionals also provides employment or business management expertise on a consulting basis. Clients often use our expertise to develop staffing strategies; job qualifications; compensation structure; and to develop industry or competitive intelligence.