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Introducing Strategic Resources

Strategic Resources is an international, full-service executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of top performing, upper and mid-level management professionals. We are a boutique style, high-touch, head hunting organization using our network of contacts and the newest technologies to identify and recruit the best of the best talent for our clients. We are celebrating our 20th year of successfully bringing together people, companies and opportunities, always with Integrity, Ethics and Professional Excellence.

Our Mission

To be a trusted partner with our clients and candidates,
using our services and expertise to identify and recruit the best of the best talent for the industry’s top performing companies.

Our Vision

To be your “go to” firm for specialized executive search,
recognized for our professionalism and confidential access to exceptional candidates.

Our Values

Above all, we value Integrity and long term relationships,
supported by Ethics, Leadership and Professional Excellence.

The Strategic Resources Advantage

Our Practice Leaders are specialists, differentiated not only by their industry knowledge, but trained in executive search with an ability to network with and attract candidates who are in the top 10-15 percent of the talent pool. Because these individuals are successful, generally happy and well compensated, effectively recruiting them requires confidentiality, excellent communication and a unique value proposition. Each of our Practice Leaders is trained to deliver on all accounts.

The Strategic Resources Practice Leaders

Meet them Now

Allen Barron
Allen Barron
Randy Stockdale
Randy Stockdale
Multicultural Marketing & Advertising, US and International; and Diversity
Darrell Maxwell
Darrell Maxwell
Hospitality & Tourism
Richard Long
Richard Long
Healthcare Products & Services
Lisa Jensen
Lisa Jensen
Senior Associate
Ted Warren
Ted Warren
Managing Partner

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